Deepin2studio is a professional digital-analog recording studio to suit everyone's budget and needs.

Deepin2studio provides both practical and creative support to enable you to finish your music with maximum results. We have the experience and qualified engineers needed to raise the level of all (semi-) electronic productions to international standards. This allows us to ensure the successful conclusion of each and every musical project. 

Our people can rely on a long term experience into the music technology, providing us with the capabilities, know-how and technical knowledge to lift all digital music productions to a higher level and/or to prepare productions for international release. The end result is a practical and creative studio that is built around high quality components and guarantees professional results at attractive prices !

Our studio is a professionally designed facility with the most efficient equipment for your comfort and the development of your creative ideas. Our studio is a dynamic concept and, as such, in constant expansion. There are interesting things to be discovered time and again.

Deepin2studio has a vast library of copyright-free samples, plug-ins & patches. This allows you to effortlessly create the desired feel.

If you are not sure about your own mixing result, we have in house training sessions to make a nice mix. Our studio has an "Apple Logic Pro APTS Certified Trainer".

Remember that a good mix, always results in a better masterfile and reduces the time needed to master the song.

Deepin2studio believes in creative talent. Such talent deserves a chance. With Deepin2studio you can creatively work on your projects!

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